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Consulting === Proctles Consulting undertakes these roles / duties on behalf of her clients.

proctles consulting

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Problems We Solve include but not restricted to; + Manpower & Skill Planning / Auditing + Human Capital Development & Training + Recruitment Outsourcing & Interviewing Assistance for your Manager + Low Employee Morale and Enhancing Motivation + Hiring and Firing Decisions & Policies + Inadequate HR Policies and Procedures + Human Resources Information Systems + Talent, Career & Succession Management.

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proctles consulting

With our knowledge and experience, we are able to determine the root causes of your HR issues and develop effective solutions. The result is an efficient and effective Human Resource system that is specifically tailored to your company’s services, employees’ goals and needs.

proctles consulting

Strategy Management

Craft and Execute Corporate Strategy with Proctles Strategy Masters. 

Branding & Brand Management

proctles scm



Proctles, active since 2005

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Recruitments / Hirings

Undertakes employees recruitments and hiring processes to induction, career planning & management.

risk management

Risk Management

identifies, assesses, and evaluates risks in ventures, operations, contracts and projects and advises.


Turnaround / Maintenance

Undertakes restructuring or reviving a failing business / projects with a view of raising a vital organization from it.

account IS

Accounting Info System

Implementation, Deployment & Training in Accounting Software such as QuickBooks & Sage Accounting, etc.

business plam dev

Business Plan Develop't

Assesses, evaluates, articulates and writes business plans for intending startups or those on expansions.

strategy management

Strategy Management

Craft, Plan, Administer and Execute Strategy, taking care of Feedbacks and Controls system for organizations.

brand managemrnt

Brand Management

Develops brand concepts, brands and set up structure for deploying the brand to clients to continue with brand management.

web n digital marketing

Web & Digital Mart

Design, develop website and digital marketing handles from all needful social media or digital channels including U-Tube.

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