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It’s proper to keep records of training, evaluate training, measure training impact, monitor training session as per keying into and or bench-marking it on training objective, asses training providers measures ROIT.

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…Proctles Leadership leads the campaign.

Problem Solving?

Problem Management?

Decision Making?

Communication Barriers?

Conflicts Management?

Cultural Diversity?

Customer Services Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply Chain Management

Strategy Management

Change Process Management

Human Resources Management

Reputation/Image Management

Negotiation Gambits

Management Skill Development

Supervisory Skills Development

Turnaround / Maintenance

Branding/Brand Management

Franchise Management

Organization Behaviour

Organization Development

Communication & Human Relations

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Projects Management

Contract Management

Feasibility Study

Viability Appraisal


Project Control & Feedback

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

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Proctles Technology craft this ITA Policy, and conducts IT Audit.

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An IT Audit is an examination of the controls within an IT infrastructure.

Have you thought of building your…

Work Team?

Leadership Team?

Sports Team?

Think-tank Team?

What of Learning Team Benefits? Team Skills? Building? Team Conflicts & Leadership? 

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communication constitutes the largest tasks managers and leaders perform daily.

communication constitutes the greatest cause of conflicts, strives, quarrels, and disputes.

communication is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts in applications.

Have you trained your people?

Have you known the Principles & Applications?

Deep, Intensive, and Verse

ProctlesHCD packages her Manpower Development & Training to be comprehensive &  exhaustive on theme/topic we are dealing with. That’s why ProctlesHCD training duration is intensive, verse and deep, rather than extensive. ProctlesHCD by that believes clients don’t need to repeat any training or capacity development we or any trainer at all offer to client’s same set of people.

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