Project & Contract Management


“a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service”


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Project is (in) every endeavour or field, ranging from washing of cloths, to cooking, building a structure, skyscrapers, deployment of software and to building of governmental or management system

– Mike Ihezuo, author & consultant in Project Management.

This is a Project

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Project ICT Management

ICT controls virtually everything thing in our world including projects handling via ERP, collaborative tools, etc. 


Project Risk Management

how many projects finish within budget, spec and time. Know the risk elements that can make projects fail or lag.

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Project Consulting

Advisory roles, Outsourcing and Consulting on Projects Management are what we undertake for clients’ organizations.

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Monitoring & Supervision

Many projects misfortune arise from quackery, poor or no monitoring. Same is for supervision. Be effective in monitoring & supervision. More…


Projects Financing

Project ride on the tripod of  Budget/cost i.e. finance, time and spec [scope]. Finance holds most to success or failure of project management. More…

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Human Capacity Development

Knowledge is the key. Learning is the tool. Project Management Capacity is a primary key to success of a project. Develop the capacity. More …

From Project Initiation, to Planning, Execution, Control & Feedback, and to Project Handover, Monitoring, Evaluation, Manpower Development, we’re at your service.


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