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Customer Services Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply Chain Management

Strategy Management

Human Resources Management

Reputation Management

Negotiation Gambits

Management Development

Supervisory Skills

Turnaround / Abandonment / Maintenance

Branding / Brand Management

Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Development

“Great service is about attitude. Attitude leads to a richer quality of life”

– Dr Mike Ihezuo

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Developing Client/Customer Relations in the Workplace

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You’ll learn and benefit knowing;

  • That no business/ individual can succeed without developing and applying the right skills that create customers loyalty
  • That although customers can be called by several names, all are engaged in exchange of values
  • The principles of customer’s services
  • How to identify who really is customers
  • 15 salient principles about customers
  • That customers service effectiveness far outweigh advertising impact
  • That cost of lost customers can be many times the simple loss of revenues
  • That all companies say customers’ satisfaction is key, but few truly practice it.
  • That service skills provide master key to career and personal success
  • Expectation, and its levels
  • Bonding & creating a bond with customers
  • How to deal with customers’ dissatisfaction
  • How to handle unreasonable request
  • About Customer Services Training.

Welcome to the

College of Customer Services 

proctles hrm, proctles consulting hrm, proctles human resources management, proctles consulting human resources management
proctles hrm, proctles consulting hrm, proctles human resources management, proctles consulting human resources management
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proctles reputation management, proctles consulting reputation management, proctles image management,

“A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired/replaced, but the world will always keep its eyes on the spot where the crack was.”

– Joseph Hall

proctles reputation management, proctles consulting reputation management, proctles image management,
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“You chose to be captured by circumstance if you ignore planning”

Business Plan is a document a businessperson writes down his ideas, articulations, and how to go about them.

Turn your vision into reality with a compelling, yet practical business plan. Hands-on, real-time exercises are the focus; from analyzing the basic purpose of a business plan to turning the plan into a powerful document for ongoing practical use within your company.


  • Learn how to develop a 5-page abridged business plan that meets and exceeds organizational goals
  • Learn how to develop an enlarged/detailed marketable or bankable business plan that meets and exceeds organizational goals
  • Define and illustrate planning in simplified business language
  • Discover strategies to achieve total employee involvement in the planning process
  • Develop performance measurement to ensure plan success
  • Learn a single planning model used to incorporate all business functions
  • Understand the 6 components of a business plan
  • Know the key elements of a business plan
  • Learn timeframes for completing operational targets against strategic goals
  • Learn steps to determine the performance measurements required for success
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proctles 360 degree feedback

Teamwork is replacing hierarchy. That age-old fashioned assessment is becoming moribund, and useless. A new method is now, and are in some places emerging. This is the 360o Feedback Management Assessment. Here, the employees’ performance and development are assessed from several points of views: peers, customers, supervisor[s], and employees. It can give employees and teams a clear understanding of present strengths and areas for concern, development and improvement. It views feedback form multiple perspectives as fair, accurate, believable, and motivation.

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting refers to undertaken of a  task or assignment for a client on her order. We perform series of consulting on key Strategy areas as listed above, including capacity development, and merger and acquisition.

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Change Process

challenges leaders face today include keeping up with change with respect to the economy, environment, cultural differences, ethics/good governance and business strategy…

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Risks Management

Businesses and projects have associated risks, and no business or project is devoid of risk. We identify risks in business, evaluate, and mitigate or minimize the risk efficiently.

management development

Continuous Management Development is a key strategy issue in bringing organizations up to date. History is filled with plethora of organizations and people that refused growth and today are moribund 

A comprehensive Strategy Management involves crafting strategy from strategy thinking, then planning, administering, control and feedback, and then implementation, and that’s it…

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Customer services remains a key strategy success determiners virtually in every organization be it hospitality, heath care, consulting, government,  construction, banking, manufacturing, ministries, etc.

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